OAKWOOD’S 40 UNDER 40 of 2023!

To all Oakwood alums! Your Oakwood University Office of Alumni Relations and the OU Alumni Council NETWORK OF ALUMS are EXCITED to announce our first ever OAKWOOD’S 40 UNDER 40 of 2023!! We are now open for nominations. Who do you know should be part of the FIRST OAKWOOD’S 40 UNDER 40 of 2023 winners? The winners will be revealed in the Oakwood Alumni Homecoming 2023 edition of the OAKWOOD MAGAZINE.

The nominee must be an Oakwood graduate and 30 years old and younger than 39 years old on April 10th, 2023, to be eligible. With this initiative, we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our YOUNG ALUMNI.

Our Oakwood’s best, brightest, and the University’s engaged young alumni who are accomplishing incredible things in their careers while serving their community.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A 40 Under 40 of 2023 NOMINATION ends NOVEMBER 15th to be considered.

Please SPREAD THE NEWS by SHARING this post to all Oakwood alums you know. Simply click the OAKWOOD’S 40 UNDER 40 of 2023 Nomination LINK to submit your nominee TODAY.