The Oakwood University Alumni Council & The Alumni Summit

What are they? Oakwood University Alumni Council (OUAC)

Our Current Oakwood University Alumni CouncilOfficers & Committee Chairs

The Oakwood University Alumni Council (OUAC) is established to provide Oakwood University, in coordination with the Oakwood University Division of Advancement through the Office of Alumni Relations, with recommendations, assistance, support, and participation in programs to expand Oakwood University’s impact in the world by promoting Alumni engagement. Alumni engagement may take the form of:

  • Volunteering in an Alumni Organization such as affinity groups, online alumni clubs, alumni regional chapters, Honor Class Reunion Organizations;
  • Serving on the OUAC;
  • Participating in student recruitment at our schools, churches, and any other recruiting opportunities “From the Cradle to an Oakwood Graduation”;
  • Offering to provide mentoring to current students with our Alumni 360 initiative;
  • Being a part of the Oakwood University’s Alumni professionals’ network by providing career opportunities and internships to current students;
  • Serving on any of the OUAC’s strategic planning committees;
  • Assisting in updating Alumni contact information for Oakwood University’s Alumni database;
  • Using personal influence to promote the Oakwood University experience and brand via social media;
  • Helping with the annual Homecoming Alumni any “Alumni with student” events; and
  • Promoting and participating in Oakwood University initiatives related to community service such as Beyond the Oaks, fundraising, scholarships, annual fund participation like Ignite10, and the Oakwood University endowment.
  • Promoting and giving to fundraising initiatives and campaigns such as Ignite 10 which helps supports student’s scholarships, the Annual Fund, and the University’s Endowment.

The Alumni Summit

The purpose of the Oakwood University Alumni Summit (OUAS) is to provide an inclusive advisory forum for all alums and friends to help increase engagement between the University and its stakeholders through the Oakwood University Alumni Council (OUAC) under the Office of Alumni Relations in the Division of Advancement. It usually occurs in the third week of September every year.  

As individuals consider coming to the OUAS, we ask that you come with your hearts filled with love to partner with us to advance the mission of Oakwood and to make opportunities that transform the lives of students. Bring your ideas to help the University and students thrive.  The goal of the Oakwood University Office of Alumni Relations is to develop a culture of full engagement through service and philanthropy among the following impact segments:  

  1. Our current Alumni faculty, staff, and the entire campus community  
  2. Our Pre-Alumni Students
  3. Our recent Alumni graduates and those who attended within the last 10 years 
  4. Our Alumni who graduated and/or attended more than 10 years ago 
  5. Our Friends of Oakwood University