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OU Alumni 360

Alumni Circling Back to Oakwood to Network for their Professions and Reaching Back to Mentor Students and provide internships to improve Student’s Career Readiness in Life

OU Alumni 360

With our alumni professionals asking for a value proposition to re-engage, we are re-purposing Sunday Morning during Alumni Weekend to benefit alumni professionals with their careers, plus with the reality of employers requiring students with relevant job experience prior to hiring,

The goal is to develop a process where every Oakwood student that graduates has experienced a minimum of one internships or shadowing experience based on their chosen career path. Partnering with our Oakwood alumni will help us achieve this goal.

Focuses on at least 12 different Professional Groups (or Units) 

    1. Medicine & Research
    2. Media, PR, Journalism
    3. Engineering, IT, Technology
    4. Music
    5. Psychology
    6. Business & Info Systems, Accounting
    7. Education
    8. Legal and Civil Service Professions
    9. Social Work
    10. Nursing and Wellness
    11. PT, OT, Allied Health
    12. Religion

Sign up for Oakwood Alumni 360 on the Oakwood Alumni Network or call 256.726.7039